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otokajo mremeno haji himi korasion layoturewasi otokajo ikilomasi

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Q: What are the different kinds of Visas in South Korea?
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What kinds government is curenently in Korea?

The kinds government currently in Korea are republic. This is the system of government that is found in both North Korea and South Korea.

Why did North Korea and South Korea get separated?

North Korea and South Korea were separated after World War II due to different political ideologies and influences. The division was solidified after the Korean War in the 1950s, where fighting between the two sides resulted in an armistice, rather than a peace treaty, leaving them in a state of conflict.

Will a Reduction of Sanctions and Economic aid bring about stability between the 2 Korea's and will move them forward with the Korean Reunification?

North Korea and South Korea are two separate countries, with two different kinds of people, and two different belief systems. North Korea does not want to join a Globalist society, and South Korea does not want to be ruled by a dictator. The only way Korea is going to reunify, at this point, is when the two countries go to war, and one of them dissolves.

What kind of dances do they do in South Korea?

folk dances, mostly cultural dance and kinds of dances you do now

How does South Korea make money?

the jobs in South Korea are mostly the same as the jobs in USA and Canada and other countries: doctor, pharmacist, nurse, cashier, whatever you can think of.

What is the website Visa First all about?

Visa First is a website to help people get different kinds of visas for different countries. It also provides phone numbers or live chat in order to ask questions.

Are there any kinds of plants in Korea?

Of course there is plants in Korea

What kind of jobs are there in South Korea?

South Korea is a modern industrialized nation which manufactures cars, and has pretty much all the kinds of jobs that you could find in any other modern industrialized nation such as the United States.

What does South Korea trade and why?

South Korea is a major trader and exporter of all kinds of industrial and domestic products. - Electronic goods of all kinds, cars, construction vehicles, armaments, textiles and footwear. Ship-building is another huge item for them. -You see many Hyundai cars around - but Hyundai's big money comes from ship-building.

What kinds of services does the website 'Travisa' offer?

The website Travisa offers a multitude of services. Some of these services include: Passports, Visas, Legalization, and all kinds of information about each.

What is the term for Japanese meditation?

Since there are different kinds of meditation, the Japanese, like us, have different words for the different kinds. Perhaps the word you are thinking of is "zazen," which is the Japanese term for the distinctive kind of meditation practiced in Zen Buddhism (which is called "ch'an" in China and "son" in Korea).

What kinds of clothing is worn in north korea?

no one knows