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the colored pigment found in siling labuyo is RED .

while in malunggay leaves it is GREEN .

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Q: What are the colored pigments found in siling labuyo ang malunggy leaves?
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What type of pigments can be found in multiple colored leaves?

There are many pigments.Colored pigments are mainly Carotene and Xanthophyll.

What happens to leaf pigments when you water them with colored water?

When you water leaves with colored water, the pigments in the leaves may absorb some of the color from the water, leading to a change in leaf color. This process is similar to how plants naturally absorb nutrients and water from the soil through their roots.

Why leaves having also red in colour?

Leaves get their colors because of the pigments present in them. Red leaves have pigments like anthocyanin.

Why are the leafs are green?

The leaves are green because of the chlorophyll pigments.

Are yellow or orange pigments that appear in fall leaves?

the pigments become visible in the leaves as the seasons change! (A+)

Why are there no blue autumn leaves?

The leaves contain no pigments of that color.

What pigment include yellow and orange pigments that appear in fall leaves?

Carotenoid pigments

What pigment include the yellow and orange pigments that appear in fall leaves?

Carotenoid pigments

Do green leaves have the same pigments?

Of course,every plants have same pigments.Main pigments are chlorophylls.

What are the yellow accessory pigments found in leaves?


What pigments are removed by boiling the leaves in water?

Chlorophyll is the main pigment that is removed by boiling leaves in water. This process breaks down the chlorophyll molecules, leading to the loss of green color and the exposure of other pigments such as carotenoids and anthocyanins.

Why are there leafs on a plant?

Leaves contain photosynthetic pigments. Leaves also aid in traspiration