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Q: What are the claims that can be disproven?
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Can a scientific theory ever be disproven?


Can rum burn calories?

It has not been proven, nor disproven.

What do you call a concept that has not been proven or disproven yet?

A theory

Are witches and ghouls real?

This is undetermined. It has neither been proven or disproven.

Who was the first man to climb a North American mountain?

While there were several claims to having successfully reached mountain summits many were later disproven. The first successfull and accuratley documanted climb of a North American mountain was of Mt. McKinley in 1913 by an expidition led by Hudson Stuck

Is heat is a substance called caloric?

No, that is a disproven belief. Heat is a form of energy.

A widely accepted scientific idea which cannot be proven nor disproven?

Dependent variable

What do you call it if fact is proved wrong?

If a fact is proven wrong, it is said to have been disproven.

A theory that has been proven true repeatedly over time and never disproven is called?

A Law

Why don't all hypothesis become theories?

A scientific theory is something that is tried and tested, and not yet disproven. It is close to being scientific 'fact' as you can get. Not all hypotheses will become theories because sometimes they get disproven. That means the hypothesis will need to be changed and tested again.

Why are claims since disproven not immediately removed from the Bible?

Nothing has been disproven. You cannot remove something that is true. Because there are many Christians (such as I, that will say, what has been disproven... Science only has theories and what was true yesterday, may not be true tomorrow, but the Bible has many prophecies that have been fulfilled. I will stick to God's word every day. It has not changed (Although some translations are better than others) I prefer the NIV 1984 edition.