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Q: What are the advantages of SIMULA?
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When was Mikko Simula born?

Mikko Simula was born in 1973.

What is the duration of Ako Ang Simula?

The duration of Ako Ang Simula is 3600.0 seconds.

When was Ako Ang Simula created?

Ako Ang Simula was created on 2011-10-08.

When was Kimmo Simula born?

Kimmo Simula was born on May 11, 1938, in Helsinki, Finland.

Cenozoic era SIMULA ng ebolusyon ng tao?

nag simula ito sa unggoy :)

What is the Tagalog of begin?


What has the author G M Birtwistle written?

G. M. Birtwistle has written: 'SIMULA examples' -- subject(s): Computer programs, SIMULA (Computer program language) 'Living art' -- subject(s): Philosophy 'Notes on the SIMULA language' -- subject(s): SIMULA (Computer program language)

What has the author Graham M Birtwistle written?

Graham M. Birtwistle has written: 'Notes on the SIMULA system classes' 'Notes on the SIMULA language'

What actors and actresses appeared in Simula ng walang katapusan - 1978?

The cast of Simula ng walang katapusan - 1978 includes: Vilma Santos

What has the author C Anzaldi written?

C. Anzaldi has written: 'Introduzione al linguaggio SIMULA 67' -- subject(s): SIMULA (Computer program language)

What is since of humor in talalog?

simula ng mga katatawanan

What is the English of simula ng makilala ka?

since i met you