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who is the first tagabantay ng bakal na krus

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Q: What are some examples of vowel digraphs?
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List of vowel digraphs?


What are vowel digraphs?

Vowel digraphs are 2 vowels that represent a single sound. They are ai, ay, ea, ee, ei, ey, ie, oa, oo, ow, and ue.

Are diphthongs and vowel digraphs the same thing?

No, diphthongs and vowel digraphs are not the same thing. A diphthong is a combination of two vowel sounds within the same syllable, while a vowel digraph is a combination of two vowels that make a single sound (e.g., "ea" in "eat").

Is igh a vowel digraphs?

Yes, "igh" is a vowel digraph. It is commonly found in words like "high" and "light" and represents the long "i" sound.

Is your a vowel pair or a vowel digraph?

The word "your" contains a vowel pair (ou) rather than a vowel digraph. Vowel pairs are two adjacent vowels that each make their own distinct sound, while digraphs are two letters that make a single sound.

What are examples of digraph?

Write sentences using digraphs.

What are some long i vowel sounds words?

Some examples of words with a long i vowel sound are: kite, time, like, and lime.

What is a split digraph?

A split digraph is when a vowel digraph is split by a consonant, such as the 'e' at the end of a word making the vowel say its name as in "time" or "hope." It occurs when an 'e' at the end of a word changes the short vowel sound to a long vowel sound.

What are the examples of critical vowel sounds long i?

Some examples of critical vowel sounds with the long "i" sound include words like "cry," "flight," "pie," and "sight." These words feature the "i" sound pronounced as a long vowel with the "i" sound.

What are some cvvc words?

Some examples of CVVC (consonant-vowel-vowel-consonant) words include "rain," "keep," and "feet." These words are typically two-syllable words with a long vowel sound in the middle.

What is the difference between a vowel pair and a vowel digraph?

When we talk about vowel combinations sounds, it is better to understand some differences in pronunciation: Digraphs: o "di" means "two", and "graph" means "written", two vowels are written together and they make a sliding sound. Vowel pairs: two vowel are written together, but only one vowel is pronounced (usually long) and the combined vowel is silent. For example: Weight [weyt] the combined vowels make a sliding sound (digraph) Pain [peyn] the letter "a" is pronounced and the letter "i" is silent. (vowel pair) I hope that helps! RED

Which words have a vowel in each syllable?

Some examples of words with a vowel in each syllable are "ocean," "video," and "rectangle."