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See related links for information about the languages of Zambales province of the Philippines.

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Q: What are some common Sambali words?
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What is matoy ka?

It means "you are in heat" in one of the Filipino dialects, Sambali.

What are some of the most common words?

Some common words are: a I me it he she that and but or my our us

What is the most popular religious festival in region 2?

Sambali Festival - an honor to our lady of piat

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What is the most popular religious festival in region II of philippinnes?

The most popular religious festival in Region II (Cagayan Valley) is the Sambali Festival. In tagalog is Pista ng Sambali.Tagalog History:Ang Pista ng Sambali ay ipinagdiriwang taun-taon sa Piat, Cagayan mula Hunyo 23 hanggang Hulyo 2 bilang paggunita sa mahimalang birheng imahen ng Piat at ang pagiging Kristiyano ng mgaSambali. Ang pista ay kinabibilangan ng iba't ibang programang nagpapakita ng mayamang kultura ng mga Sambali.

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