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Q: What Bulkan nation had a pres tito?
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Who is the guy how stared the woorld league nation?

Woodrow Wilson The Pres.

Saan ngmula ang pagputok ng bulkan?

bulkan pumutok

Ano ang pinaka aktibong bulkan na malapit sa cebu?

bulkan mayon

Was Yugoslavia a Satellite nation during the cold war?

Under Tito, Yugoslavia was semi-independent.

What communist ruler of a satellite nation tended to be more independent of the Soviets than other Eastern European nations and which country did he rule?

Marshal Tito and he ruled Yugoslavia

How many states does the us have and names?

The 50 States of the United States of America: ----------------------------------------------------------- State of Delaware: 1787-pres. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: 1787-pres. State of New Jersey: 1787-pres. State of Georgia: 1788-1861, 1870-pres. State of Connecticut: 1788-pres. Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1788-pres. State of Maryland: 1788-pres. State of South Carolina: 1788-1860, 1868-pres. State of New Hampshire: 1788-pres. Commonwealth of Virginia: 1788-1861, 1870-pres. State of New York: 1788-pres. State of North Carolina: 1789-1861, 1868-pres. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: 1790-pres. State of Vermont: 1791-pres. Commonwealth of Kentucky: 1792-pres. State of Tennessee: 1796-1861, 1866-pres. State of Ohio: 1803-pres. State of Louisiana: 1812-1861, 1868-pres. State of Indiana: 1816-pres. State of Mississippi: 1817-1861, 1870-pres. State of Illinois: 1818-pres. State of Alabama: 1819-1861, 1868-pres. State of Maine: 1820-pres. State of Missouri: 1821-pres. State of Arkansas: 1836-1861, 1868-pres. State of Michigan: 1837-pres. State of Florida: 1845-1861, 1868-pres. State of Texas: 1845-1861, 1870-pres. State of Iowa: 1846-pres. State of Wisconsin: 1848-pres. State of California: 1850-pres. State of Minnesota: 1858-pres. State of Oregon: 1859-pres. State of Kansas: 1861-pres. State of West Virginia: 1863-pres. State of Nevada: 1864-pres. State of Nebraska: 1867-pres. State of Colorado: 1876-pres. State of North Dakota: 1889-pres. State of South Dakota: 1889-pres. State of Montana: 1889-pres. State of Washington: 1889-pres. State of Idaho: 1890-pres. State of Wyoming: 1890-pres. State of Utah: 1896-pres. State of Oklahoma: 1907-pres. State of New Mexico: 1912-pres. State of Arizona: 1912-pres. State of Alaska: 1959-pres. State of Hawaii: 1959-pres. Also, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico officially requested statehood on December 11, 2012. The U.S. Congress has not yet voted on it.

Who becomes pres of the united State when the pres and the vice pres die?

The Speaker of The House Does

Mga bulkan sa visayas?

bulkang kanlaon

Pinakamagandang bulkan sa pilipinas?


What nicknames did Tito Alba go by?

Tito Alba went by Tito.

If the vice pres died who would be pres?

The same

Ano ang mga bulkan sa Pilipinas?