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Q: Wastong nutrisyon kailangan lifestyle disease ay iwasan?
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Theme on nutrition month celebration 2009?

wastong nutrisyon ay kailangan,lifestyle disease ay iwasan

What is the focus of the 2009 Philippine nutrition month theme?

Wastong nutrisyon kailangan, life style disease ay iwansan.

Meaning of the 2008 nutrition month theme?

"wastong nutrisyon ni mommy siguradong healthy si baby" pregnant mothers today do not take or eat the right food that contain nutrients needed by their babies to grow well and be healthy........ this theme is to promote the healthy lifestyle to the Filipinos especially our pregnant momies. to decrease the number of under weight children and malnutrition. also to prevent diseases like iron-deficiency anemia (IDA),Vitamin A deficiency (VAD).....

What is the nutrition month theme for the month of jluy 2009 in the Philippines?

According to DepEd memo no. 279, series of 2009, the theme for nutrition month is "Wastong Nutrisyon Kailangan, Lifestyle Diseases Iwasan". >>: NUTRITION AND WELLNESS TOWARDS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE yun nman ang sa skul nmin

Tema para sa buwan ng nutrisyon 2010?

ang nutrisyon ay mahalaga sa buhay ng tao maiiwasan ang mga sakit kapag tayo ay may balansing nutrisyon sa katawan...gulay at prutas sapat sa araw araww na jhain sa hapag kainan mayaman man o mahirap ang kakain nito...tayo ngayon ay nahihirati nasa mga instant food na akala natin sapat na isang tao...hindi pala,ito nga ang nagiging sanhi upang magkaroon tayo ng mga sakit sa loob ng ating katawan...unti unti.,,,nasisisra ang ating atay,,,may sakit sa bato,,,,,at iba pa... maay panahon pa mura naman ang gulay na sapat sapat para sa masustansiyang pagkain , sabi nga mura na masustansiya pa ...kaya saan ka pa dito ka na ....halika na,,,,gulay na masarap ihaing may galak.....

Heart disease is and example of which type of disease infections or lifestyle?

Lifestyle disease

Is emphysema a lifestyle disease?

Yes it is. A lifestyle disease is a disease that occurs becuse of something someone does for example skin cancer is a lifestyle disease.

What is the difference between lifestyle disease and hereditary disease?

lifestyle diseases are a result of a bad lifestyle, heriditary diseases are also a result of a bad lifestyle but heredity plays a part in whether u get the disease

How Does Alexander disease affect lifestyle?

it doesnt

Is pneumonia a lifestyle disease hereditary disease or infectious disease?

It is an infectious disease. However, you are more apt to get it if you smoke or have otherwise unhealthy lungs.

What causes you to get heart disease?

Reasons of having Heart Disease : ^ Lifestyle ^Improper Diet ^Heridetary

What is the most common lifestyle disease?

A lifestyle disease is a disease you are not born with but is resulted in risk factors eg smoking, drink driving, lack of exercise, poor diet, etc. For eg Diabetes is not usually a lifestyle disease though Diabetes TYPE 2 is. Also Skin Cancer is and a lot of other cancers aren't