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Q: Tukuyin kung sino si abu bakr?
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Who is the wife of sharif ul hashim abu bkr?

sino si sharif ul hashim abu bakr

Who is Abu Bakr's sheperd?

Said Mahmoud Abu Bakr

Where did abu bakr live?

abu bakr lived in mecca

What is the birth name of Said Abu Bakr?

Said Abu Bakr's birth name is Said Mahmoud Abu Bakr.

When was Abu Bakr born?

Abu Bakr was born in Mecca on 573 A.D

When did Abu Bakr Khairat die?

Abu Bakr Khairat died in 1963.

When was Abu Bakr Khairat born?

Abu Bakr Khairat was born in 1910.

When was Abu Bakr Effendi born?

Abu Bakr Effendi was born in 1835.

When did Abu Bakr Effendi die?

Abu Bakr Effendi died in 1880.

When was Omar Abu Bakr born?

Omar Abu Bakr was born in 1972.

When was Abu Bakr Alahdal born?

Abu Bakr Alahdal was born in 1979.

How long did Abu Bakr rule as a Khalifah?

Abu Bakr ruled as a Caliph for 27 months.