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Q: The early filipino datus timawa and alipin?
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Did the early Filipinos have a government of their own before the Spaniards came?

yeah,definitely. That's why we have datus mentioned in Philippine History. Try to look for these keywords and you'll have at least an idea about Philippine government prior to the coming of the spaniards. Umalohokan (town-crier), datu/raha/rajah, alipin saguiguilid, alipin namamahay, babaylan...

What are Filipino early customs?

filipino early customs

How do the early filipino ancestors differ from one another?

how do the early filipino ancestors differ from one another

Who is the early filipino ancestors?


What customs of an early filipino have been discontinued?

filipino practices/customs of the have been discontinued

Pictures of houses of the early Filipino?


What countries influence the art of the early Filipino's?

i belive... that the filipino had their own art and not influenced by other county

What are the clothes of early filipino customs?

they use bahag

What are the dress of early filipino?

barong tagalog bahag filipinyana

Why did the early Filipino revolts fail during spanish revolt?

why did the early filipino revolt fail? It is due to the lack of unity among the Filipinos and the effective colonial strategy of divide and rule.

What is the status of English language proficiency of filipino nursing students?

The status of English language proficiency of Filipino nursing students is good. All Filipino students are taught English early on in school in the Philippines.

What are the things that early Filipino use to live?

ayos ang ma basa