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Q: Talambuhay ni apolinario de la cruz sa tagalog?
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Sino si hermano pule sa tagalog?

apolinario de la cruz

Is Apolinario Dela Cruz the real name of Hermano Pule?

Apolinario de la Cruz is the real name of Hermano Pule. He served as leader of a major revolt against the Spaniards in the Philippines.

What was the results of filipino revolts during spanish period?

all revolts from Lakan-Dula to Apolinario de la Cruz, had failed

Who is hermano pule?

Apolinario de La Cruz was also known as Heramno Pule, which translate in English as Brother Pule. He was born July 22, 1814 and Died November 4, 1841.

What is the birth name of Andrea De Cruz?

Andrea De Cruz's birth name is Andrea Heidi de Cruz.

Talambuhay ni francisco de almeida?

sino si francisco leandro de viana

What has the author Angela De la Cruz written?

Angela De la Cruz has written: 'Angela de la Cruz'

What is the birth name of Katy de la Cruz?

Katy de la Cruz's birth name is Catalina de la Cruz.

When was Peter de Cruz born?

Peter de Cruz was born in 1990.

When was Cruz de nadie created?

Cruz de nadie was created in 1994.

What is Cruz de Humilladero's population?

Cruz de Humilladero's population is 93,955.

What does de donde es Penelope cruz mean in spanish?

¿De dónde es Penélope Cruz? --- Where is Penélope Cruz from?