Tagalog ng wo ai ni means?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Mahal Kita.

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Q: Tagalog ng wo ai ni means?
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What does ai ni mean?

ai ni means 'love you'

What is wo ai ni in Chinese?

"Wo ai ni" means "I love you" in Chinese (Mandarin)

What is ho ai ni?

that means 好爱你 (hao ai ni), meaning "love you a lot". a variation is 我爱你 (wo ai ni), which means " i love you"

What does Saisho no ai ni Sayonara?

'Saisho no ai ni sayounara' means 'Farewell to first love'

What does wo ai ni mean?

wo ai ni means i hate you so much. always remember that. wo ai ni means i love you.......not i hate me on this Yes, the first person was just being mean. Wo means "I". Ai means "love". Ni means "you". Chinese people say Ni Hao when they see someone they know. This translates to "You good" but really just means hello. I married a Chinese lady from Chengdu. Every day I tell her "Wo ai ni laopo" which means I love you wife.

Wô ye ai ni?

Wo ye ai ni” means “I also love you” or “I love you too.” Given that there is the word “ye” which means also, this phrase is usually used as a positive answer to the statement “wo ai ni” or “I love you.”

What does ai mean in Chinese?

it means love. Wo Ai Ni would be i love you

My friend told me ni hen ai gl but i didnt know what it meant. What does ni hen ai gl mean?

it means your an idiot!

How do you say In love in Chinese?

You say "Wo ai ni" , or pronounced like "Wo eye knee" actually...wo ai ni means i love you.

What does woa ai ni bao bei mean?

I'm pretty sure you mean "Wo ai ni bao bei" Which means "I love you, baby."

What actors and actresses appeared in Zhen de ai ni - 1992?

The cast of Zhen de ai ni - 1992 includes: Maggie Cheung Jacky Cheung as Jacky Tan Lau Sandra Ng Kwan Yue Man Tat Ng Hiu Ying Chan

What does 'wo ai shang le ni' mean?

'Wo ai shang le ni' or 我愛上了你 means 'I've fallen in love with you'. Broken down: Wo 我 mean I Ai 爱 means love Shang 上 means up Le 了 is a character added after a verb or phrase to indicate past tense. Ni 你 means you