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Q: Suring pelikula ng metro manila film festival?
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What is the abbreviation for metro manila?

Metro Manila Abbreviation : MM / Mla. / Manila

What is the state province of metro manila?

Metro Manila

What can you do to improve Metro Manila traffic?

What can you do to improve Metro Manila traffic?

How many students in metro manila?

number of students in metro manila?

What is the area of Metro Manila?

The total area of Metro Manila is around 619.57 square kilometers.

What is the smallest IRRA in metro manila?

The smallest International Reference Receiving Station Area (IRRSA) in Metro Manila is the Quezon/Manila IRRSA, which is located in the QC-MNL segment of the metro.

What is the population of metro manila in 2006?

The population of Metro Manila in 2006 was around 11.6 million people.

What is the function of the Metro Manila Authority?

The Metro Manila Authority's function is to coordinate and regulate the delivery of basic services in Metro Manila, including traffic management, waste disposal, and urban planning. It aims to ensure efficient and effective governance within the region.

What is the land area of metro manila Philippines?

The land area of Metro Manila, Philippines is approximately 636 square kilometers.

Who heads the Metro Manila Development Authority?

The Metro Manila Development Authority is headed by its Chairman, Bayani F. Fernando.

Top 10 Engineering universities in metro manila?

atineo de manila

What region malabon belong?

Malabon is a city in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is part of the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila region.