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Adam Smith
Scotland, 1723-1791
The father of modern economics, he saw the market system acting as an "invisible hand" which leads people to unintentionally promote society's interests while pursuing their own.
David Ricardo
England, 1772-1823
His theory that landlords enriched themselves at the expense of society led him to campaign tirelessly in Parliament and in print for free trade.
Thomas Malthus
England, 1766-1834
A Classical economist, he startled early 19th century society with his pessimistic prediction that population growth would exceed food supply, condemning mankind to misery.
John Stuart Mill
England, 1806-1873
The last of the great economists of the Classical School, he denied the doctrine that society could not alter the existing distribution of income.
Karl Marx
Germany, 1818-1883
Intellectual father of modern day Marxist economics, he predicted that capitalism would be ultimately destroyed by its own inherent contradictions.
Leon Walras
France, 1834-1910
He revolutionized economics with his rigorous mathematical formulation of the mechanics of the price system.
Alfred Marshall
England, 1842-1924
He demonstrated the tremendous theoretical power of demand and supply curves, and bequeathed to economics the critical distinction between the short run and the long run.
Thorstein Veblen
United States, 1857-1929
One of the leading Institutionalists, he is best remembered for his theory of "conspicuous consumption" which parodied the ostentation of the Gilded Age.
John Maynard Keynes
England, 1883-1946
His ideas on the causes of unemployment revolutionalized macroeconomic theory and profoundly altered government's involvement in the economy.
Irving Fisher
United States, 1867-1947
His work on money and prices, with its sophisticated use of statistical techniques, provided the basis for recent theoretical work in economics.

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ang nag ambag sa ekonomiks ay sina Charles Darwin, domingo montimor, karl marx, david ricardo, adam smith, at versanni solis,Ezra Pangantijon, Ryan Paul Fungo, Dorothy Madayag


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Q: Sinu sino ang mga ekonomista na nakapag ambag sa ekonomiks?
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