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Q: Sinu ang nakaimbento ang cotton gin?
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Should you capitalize cotton gin?

You would not capitalize it. cotton gin

What is a sentence for cotton gin?

I hung my cotton shirt up in the wardrobe.

What is the machine that remove seed from cotton?

cotton gin

Why was the cotton gin called the cotton gin?

It was called the cotton gin because it separated seeds from the cotton, so that is how the invention got is name.

Can you give me the timeline of the cotton gin?

cotton gin timeline

When was cotton gin made?

The cotton gin was made in 1793.

Where is the cotton gin made?

In the cotton gin factory! Duuuhhh......

How is the cotton gin useful?

After the cotton is picked it is sent to a gin. The gin removes the seeds and the cotton is cleaned and bailed for shipment.

What machine can do the work of 50 people?

Well, if you're asking this from your Social Studies weekly (Week 21) The answer is Cotton gin, you can find this answer in the article titled "Unintended Effects."

What was it like Before the cotton gin cotton gin?

Life before the cotton gin for people was a bit harder they had to hand pick the cotton themselves

Do you need cotton gin?

If you're in the cotton business, you may need a cotton gin.

How does the cotton gin pick the cotton?

The cotton gin does not pick the cotton. It separates the cotton fiber from the seeds and other debris