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I think parang si JIMMY NEUTRON

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Q: Sinong cartoon characters ang katulad ni rizal?
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Sinu-sinong taong kilaa mong nagpapahalaga sa sariling bansa?

jose rizal,juan luna

What is the meaning of the Chinese characters in the business card of Dr Jose Rizal?

what is the meaning of chinese characters in jose rizal's business cards

Who are the characters of like the molave?

Jose rizal

Why Jose Rizal considered a naturalist?

who is the characters

The characters of movie rizal by Cesar montano?

The movie Jose Rizal was released in July 1999 and starred Cesar montane. The characters included Jose Rizal, Simoun, Andres Bifacio, and Maria Clara.

Are the characters of Noli Me Tangere related to him?

No, the characters in "Noli Me Tangere" are not related to José Rizal, the author of the novel. The characters are fictional and represent various societal roles and backgrounds in the Philippines during the Spanish colonization period. Rizal used these characters to address social issues and criticisms of the era.

What are Streets in manila named from the characters in el fili and noli of rizal?


Who is the corresponding real life character of sisa and alferez in Jose rizal's novel noli me tangere?

Since this is a work of fiction, all characters are the product of Rizal's imagination. However, it is believed Rizal himself could be considered the real-life Crisostomo Ibarra, and speaks through this character the most.

Who were Jose Rizal's siblings?

saturnina rizal paciano rizal narcisa rizal olympia rizal lucia rizal maria rizal jose protacio rizal concepcion rizal josephina(panggoy) rizal trinidad rizal soledad rizal

Who is the composer of mabuhay rizal?

Jose Rizal is the composer of Mabuhay Rizal.

Memorability of rizal in the rizal shrine?

rizal amusement

What you like the story of rizal?

what you like of story of rizal what you like of story of rizal what you like of story of rizal what you like of story of rizal