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...correction vasco DE gama po un...ito ung sagot...

--matagumpay niyang natagpuan ang bagong ruta patungo sa Asya noong 1498..

--yn lng alam cuu cung di pa spat hnap cka nha lnq xa ibng WEBSITE :)))

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Q: Sino si vasco da gama tagalog?
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Yes there are books on Vasco Da Gama.

Who gama vasco da worked for?

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Was vasco da gama fat?

Yes, Vasco da Gama was extremely fat.

How long was Vasco da Gama an explorer?

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What years vasco da gama?

Vasco da Gama died in the year of 1524.

Who is vasco?

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Vasco Da Gama was Portuguese, he was born in Sines, Portugal.

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When did Vasco da Gama Rodrigues die?

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