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Q: Sino si park bo gum lee min ho?
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Who is lee min-ho grilfriend?

Park Min Young

Who is lee min ho's girlfriend right now?

Park min young....

Is lee min ho and goo hye real couple?

they arent a couple gu hye sun hates lee min ho and lee min ho likes her

Who is the gf of lee minho?

Park Min Young

Who is lee min ho dating right now?

Lee Min in a Chinese celebrity. He is currently dating one Park Min Young.

How did lee min ho cheated on park min young?

He didn't.. They were just on busy schedules that they had to break up.

Who is Lee Min Jung's boyfriend?

His name is Lee Min Ho.

Who is lee min ho current girlfriend?

Lee Min Ho is straight, and is currently dating City Hunter co-star, Park Min Young.

Did park min young and lee min ho break up?

yes.. my korean student said she read an article that the two have broken up.

Who is Tiffany Hwang currently dating?

she's dating park jung min her x was lee donghae

Who is lee min ho girlfriend 2011?

His girlfriend is not Koo Hye Sun,it's Park Min Young.They're in a drama together called 'City Hunter'.

Who is lee min ho's girlfriend?

it's Park Min Young... As they say "MinMin" Couple....