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siya ang tatay ni padre damaso

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Q: Sino si don filipo sa noli you tangere?
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Who is don filipo of noli me tangere?

He is a liberal Lieutenant Mayor of the province of San Diego.

What is the character of tenyente guevara of noli you tangere?

Tenyente Guevarra is the close friend of Don Rafael Ibarra, he is the one who really know how Don Rafael died. He is also the tenyente ng gwardiya sibil.

Sino ang nakatuluyan ni don juan sa ibong adarna?

Si Don Pedro

Sino si don Diego ng Ibong Adarna?

pangalawang anak ni don Fernando

Sino ang nakakuha ng ibong adarna?

don juan

Sino-sino ang cast ng ibong adarna?

si don juan at si don diego at si don pedro,reyna valiriana,donya juana,donya leonarda,donya maria at ang hari nasi haring fernando

Who is the protagonist in the novel nole me tangere?

There is no "specific" main protagonist, but the perspective most of the novel focuses on is Don Crisostomo Ibarra.

Sino si don Fernando sa istoryang ibong adarna?

Siya ang Hari ng Berbanya na may asawa na si Donya Valerana at tatlong anak na sina Don Diego, Don Juan, at Don Pedro.

What is makamisa?

Makamisa is the unfinished novel of Dr. Jose Rizal written in Tagalog. It starts with a mass supervised by Fr. Agaton in the small town of Tulig where the rest of the story focuses. Among the characters named in the novel are Capitan Lucas, Marcela, Capitan Tibo, Don Segundo, Teniente Tato and Aleng Anday. Unlike Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Makamisa was written in a rather comical way.

Sino ang mga tauhan sa Alamat ng Saging?

Mang Bino Aling Pacita. Tina Rading Don Bruno

Sino si don Pedro sa ibong adarna?

nakakatanda at sakim na kapatid ni juan yan lang alam ko

Ano ang pitong pagsubok ni haring salermo kay don juan?

Sino ang laging katuwang/tumutulong kay Don Juan para malagpasan ang mga pagsubok ni Haring Salermo?

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