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Q: Sino ang unang kakanta ng national antheme sa laban ni manny pacquio against mi?
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How did Manny Pacquiao against Antonio Margarito?

Pacquio by decision

Who is manny pacquio's main rival?

Keith Middleton

What is the definition of an impact punch?

One of the statistics that ESPN reported in the Pacquio vs Hatton fight that Pacquio had 17 impact punches to Hatton's 6 impact punches.

What is the date of the pacquio vs cotto?

November 14 2009

Who are some of the famous filipino who excelled in sports and academics?

Manny Pacquio

Who is the secretary of DPWH 2012?

sec. manny pacquio.. hahaha XD

Is it time for Manny Pacquio to retire?

maybe in a few years he should retire

Who makes more money fighting paquio or mayweather?

pacquio will for sure win

How many belt do pacquio have?

he have 10 belts or 20 because he started doing boxing since he was 36 years old.

How many pay per view sales did Manny Pacquio vs Timothy Bradley sell?

None $200.000 not even near Mayweather vs. Cotto.

Can Miguel Cotto Beat Manny Pacquio?

No, Miguel Cotto can not beat manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has speed,power and also stamina both in taking a beating and also out boxing his oppenents.

How much money did Marquez make to fight t Pacquio?

It is stated that the fight brought him 15 million dollars.