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Si Don Pedro

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Q: Sino ang nakatuluyan ni don juan sa ibong adarna?
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Who is Pedro in the story Ibong Adarna?

Si Pedro ang kapatid ni Juan sa ibong adarna...

Images of ibong adarna characters?

don juan

Script of ibong adarna English version?

don juan:

Sino si don Pedro sa ibong adarna?

nakakatanda at sakim na kapatid ni juan yan lang alam ko

Who is Juan in the story Ibong Adarna?

he is the love iterest of dona maria

Ano ang mga katangian ng 10 tauhan ng Ibong Adarna?

ano ba ang kahinaan at kalakasan ni don juan sa ibong adarna?

Who are the characters in Ibong Adarna?

ibong adarna,reyna valeriana,haring fernando, don juan,don diego,don pedro,donya juana,donya leonora,donya maria, serpyente, higante...

Sino-sino ang cast ng ibong adarna?

si don juan at si don diego at si don pedro,reyna valiriana,donya juana,donya leonarda,donya maria at ang hari nasi haring fernando

Who is Maria Blanca in Ibong Adarna?

Maria Blanca is a princess that has a strong power. She is the one who Prince Juan married.

Who is dona maria from ibong adarna?

She is the main love interest of Don Juan. She is introduced in the chapter Reyno de Cristales.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ibong Adarna - 1941?

The cast of Ibong Adarna - 1941 includes: Canuplin Amador Alegre Miguel Anzures Fred Cortes as Principe Juan Mila del Sol as Princesa Maria Angeles Gayoso as Ibong Adarna Cecilio Joaquin Rosario Lam Ester Magalona Vicente Oliver Deanna Prieto Ben Rubio Regio Villa

Sino si don Fernando sa istoryang ibong adarna?

Siya ang Hari ng Berbanya na may asawa na si Donya Valerana at tatlong anak na sina Don Diego, Don Juan, at Don Pedro.

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