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Mga Tauhan:

• Cesar Montano bilang Fredo Obsioma

• Pen Medina bilang Diyos-Dado Lacar

• Jhong Hilario bilang Botong Maldepena

• Amy Austria bilang Susan Bacor

• Rebecca Lusterio bilang Kalbo Kee

• Jerome Sales bilang Filemon Dolotallas

• Teodoro Penaranda Jr. bilang Tibor Lague

• Walter Pacatang bilang Tibo

• Ranilo Boquil bilang Kokoy

• Ariel Estoquia Mijos bilang Bahoy Ballasabas

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isa itong grupo ng mangingisda sa pag huli ng isda.......



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Q: Sino ang mga tauhan ng pelikulang Muro Ami?
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What is the duration of Muro Ami?

The duration of Muro Ami is 2 hours.

When was Muro Ami created?

Muro Ami was created on 1999-12-25.

How does muro ami contribute to the destruction of the coral reefs?

it was a huge wave that kilol the muro ami

What are the ratings and certificates for Muro-ami - 1999?

Muro-ami - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: Philippines:PG-13

How does muro-ami contribute to the destructing of coral reef?

muro ami kills coral reefs

What are the disadvantages of Muro-ami fishing?

You destroy corals when doing that. The only good it does is for the person doing the muro-ami fishing. You destroy the homes of fishes and kill most of their young.

Why muro-ami has it become a problem?

muro ami is a work of destroying coral reefs and they instruct it into decors like jewelries and the DENR has a problem on this situation so i suggest don't imitate the muro ami workers....

Reflection about the Muro-Ami movie?

reaction paper about moru ami

What is the moral lesson of muro ami?


Give reasons why many people use the method muro- ami?

because they want to earn more money by selling the fishes that they get through muro ami

Effects of muro ami fishing?

bad effects of muro-ami fishing? it pollutes the water,it kills some of the fish, and it disturbs the marine ecosystem in the area

What is the solution of muro-ami?

Plant more corals