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Q: Sino ang may palayaw na pepe kanila Jose Rizal at Andress Bonifacio?
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How would you characterize and justify rizal's attitude towards the 1896 Revolution led by Andres Bonifacio?

how would you characterize and justify rizal's attitude towards the 1896 Revolution lead by Andress Bonifacio?

Who are the characters of Andress bonifacio story?

Andress Bonifacio was a key figure in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule. He was a leader of the Katipunan, a Filipino nationalist organization, and played a significant role in sparking the revolution that ultimately led to Philippine independence. Bonifacio's story is often intertwined with other revolutionary figures like Emilio Aguinaldo and Jose Rizal.

Who are the all Philippine national heroes?

melchora aquino jose rizal gregorio del pilar antonio luna andress bonifacio emilio aguinaldo emilio jacinto lapulapu

Did Andres Bonifacio know Jose Rizal?

yes, actually, Andres Bonifacio even praise Jose Rizal

Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal?

jose rizal use pen then andres bonifacio use bolo

Why do we celebrate more on rizal's death rather than his birthday?

for me, filipino people celebrate the birth of bonifacio than of rizal because Filipinos are so blessed when their hero, bonifacio was born. bonifacio have his fight. in the other hand, Filipinos celebrate the death of rizal, because the death of rizal, brings freedom, and ignited the fire in the hearts of the Filipinos.

What are the difference between Jose Rizal and Andres bonifacio?

They're both fighting for freedom. Jose Rizal used pen for freedom, but Andres Bonifacio used bolo for freedom.

Saan nakulong si Jose rizal?

fort bonifacio

Was Andres Bonifacio declared a Philippine national hero?

No. Andres Bonifacio is one of the Heroes of the country, but he was not declared as a national hero of the country. In fact, despite popular belief to the contrary, nobody, not even Dr. Jose Rizal, has been declared by the Philippine government to be a national hero. Both Bonifacio and Rizal appear on unofficial lists of national heroes. Rizal is popularly called "the national hero", but since Renato Constantino declared in 1970 that Rizal was a "US sponsored hero" and that the Americans deliberately promoted him over Bonifacio to discourage dissent over their colonization of the Philippines, many now think that Bonifacio is a more important hero than Rizal. Both Rizal and Bonifacio have national holidays named for them.

Why should Andres Bonifacio be the national hero of the Philippines instead of Jose Rizal?

Bonifacio should have been the national hero because he wanted for an ultimate freedom for the Philippines and be separated from the authorities of Spain and that is through a revolution. Well it is true that Bonifacio has somewhat got this idea of freedom from Rizal but it is Bonifacio who put it into action, what is an idea without an action? . . . action speaks louder than words of ideas. Rizal was coward that he didn't support the revolution plan of bonifacio, but then the revolution was succesful. Also, Rizal was just an American-sponsored-hero, they just insisted Rizal to be the national hero because Americans were afraid that if it was Bonifacio that was the hero, the Filipinos would also revolt the same way as of Bonifacio's.

Did Bonifacio frameup Rizal during Revolution?

maybe, because Rizal didn't want to support the katipunan. maybe he wanted revenged but I'm not sure. it is also possible that Bonifacio used Rizal for the password of the katipunan for revenged. but many say that Bonifacio made it Rizal a password because he idolized Rizal. try to read a book about Rizal. i saw one book answered this question i think the title is Jose Rizal w/o the coat?.... I don't really remember the title.

Why Andres Bonifacio be considered as great as Jose Rizal?

Because Andres Bonifacio also offer his life for the freedom of our country. (: