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Q: Sino ang dakilang pintor gumuhit ng kisame ng Sistine Chapel ng roma?
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Does Guy defeat Kisame?

Guy does not defeat the real Kisame, but he defeated the duplicate of Kisame that fought Guy. He couldn't have killed the real Kisame because Kisame's leader, Pain, had used the Shapeshifting Technique to make a duplicate of Kisame which was controlled by Kisame.

Does kisame have the 4 tails?

No. Kisame is dead.

Why does Deidara call Kisame 'Master Kisame'?

Because he has respect for Kisame. He also calls Sasori "Master Sasori".

How did kisame die?

kisame die because Andre killed him, not,kisame die because naruto got to him, i think.

Is there a rivalry between suigetsu and kisame?

no, suigetsu is only tracking kisame down because kisame is another one of the seven swordsmen.

What is Kisame's last name?

Kisame's last name is Hoshigaki. - Sukineko

Why does Deidara call Kisame Kisame no Dono?

Dono means master.

What is kisame's clan?

if kisame has a clan it is unknown or he doesn't even have one

Naruto Shippuden who is stronger kisame or orichimaro?

kisame because orochimaru is dead

Who won the battle of kisame vs guy?

Guy won the battle. However, after the battle they discover that it was another ninja disgused as Kisame and not actually Kisame himself.

What Episode Is it When Might Guy Fight Kisame?

The first time Might Guy fights Kisame is in Naruto in episode 82 where Might Guy fends of Kisame from his comrades. Kisame and Itachi quickly leave after Guy's appearance. The second time Guy fights Kisame is in Naruto Shippuden in episodes 250 and 251

What village is Kisame from?

Kisame comes from the village hidden in the mist (kirigakure) DjCandy [:3