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Q: Sino ang bayaning Filipino na gumagamit ng sagisag na agap-ito bagumbayan?
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Code name of Andrés Bonifacio?

Agapito bagumbayan

Pen name ni Andres bonifacio?

Agapito bagumbayan

What is the pen name of Andres bonifacio?

Andres bonifacio

Alias ni Andres bonifacio?

Agapito Bagumbayan - Ang dimasalang ay alias ni Jose rizal

What pen names did Andres Bonifacio use?

the pen name of andres bonifacio is "AGAPITO BAGUMBAYAN" and "MAY PAG-ASA".

Who is the Filipino invetor of the fluorescent lump?

Agapito Flores

Who are the Filipino and foreigner scientist and their contribution?

one Filipino scientist is Agapito Flores who created the fluorescent lamp or bulb.

What did Agapito G Flores look like?

He was a Filipino electrician famous for not inventing the fluorescent light. There are various photographs of Agapito Flores on the internet but they may not be the same person.

When was Agapito Flores died?

Agapito Flores is a Filipino inventor who invented the fluorescent bulb. He was born on September 28, 1897 in the Province of Bulacan and died at the age of 46 on 1943.

Pen names of different filipino heroes?

Jose Rizal- Laon-Laan, DimasalangAndres Bonifacio- Agapito Bagumbayan/May Pag-AsaPio Valenzuela - Madlang-AwaMarcelo H. Del Pilar- PlaridelAntonio Luna- Taga-ilogMariano Ponce- Tikbalang, Naning, KatipulakoJose Maria Panganiban- JomapaJuan Luna- PotacioGraciano Lopez Jaena- Diego Laura

What is the scientific attitude of agapito flores?

Agapito Flores was a Filipino scientist who was wrongly credited for the invention of the first fluorescent lamp. As an electrician, he was said to be very curious and always trying to invent new things.

Filipino scientists who made great contribution to electricity?

arnold washingsold who invented washing machine...