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sino ang naging congressman ngayong 2012

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Q: Sino-sino ang mga naging vice mayor ng pilipinas?
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Who is the vice mayor of Chicago?

Ray Suarez, Alderman of the 31st Ward, is the current holder of the office of Vice-Mayor of Chicago.

Who is the vice mayor of las pinas city?

I don't know the answer too???? ^..^ ^_^ The current mayor of Las Piñas City is Vergel "Nene" Aguilar

Who is the vice president of New York City?

There is no such office as "vice president of New York City" The mayor is the chief executive officer. He appoints a chief deputy mayor who serves at the will of the mayor with not powers of his own.

Who is the vice mayor in davao?

Augustus Joy Young

What are the government leaders?

Government leaders- includes kings, dukes, presidents, vice presidents, mayor, vice mayor, vice governor, governor, congressman, senators, senate president, barangay captain, board members, etc.

Who is the mayor of san Marcos california?

The current mayor in the city of San Marcos, California is Jim Desmond. The vice mayor for the city is Rebecca Jones.

Who is the cebu city vice mayor?

Augustus Joy Young

Who is the present governor of Bacolod City?

Pampanga is a province, not a city, in the Philippines. It has a governor, not a vice-mayor nor mayor.

Why is there a mayor pro tem in Thomasville GA when they have a permanent mayor serving at the same time?

The mayor pro tem performs the sme function as most vice-presidents, or vice-chairman, or many organizations. That person serves in the absence of the mayor, or at the direction of the mayor. In practical terms, ofter that seat is used to prepare and train the next person to become mayor. In thomasville, by custom, mayors only serve for a four-year term, so there is a need to have a future mayor "in training." By Len Powell, former mayor pro tem and mayor of Thomasville.

Who is the vice mayor of tugaya lanao del sur 2013?

Ayonan Pangcoga

Who is the vice mayor of cainta rizal?

Sofia Schuck-Velasco currently holds the Vice Mayor position of Cainta, Rizal. She won the Barangay Election held last 2013 under the United Nationalist Alliance party.

Who is the mayor of Fayetteville Ar?

Lioneld Jordan is the Mayor of Fayetteville,Arkansas and he actually was vice mayor before becoming Mayor. Since he was born in Arkansas he seems a good choice for Mayor. From what I have read about him, he has a lot of experience that will prove useful in his present position as Mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas