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Q: Sino-sino ang mga bansa miyembro ng central power?
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Which central government is in power?

Any central government by definition is in power. If it were not in power it would not be a central government.

Was Germany a allied or central power?

Central Power.

Was austria- Hungary ally or central?

Central power

In a confederation is the central government the central power?


Was Romania a central power?

During the WW1 Romania was an allied country.

Anti-federalists and the increase of power of the central government?

Anti-federalists and the increase the power of the central government?

Was the Ottoman Empire with the central power or the allies?

central powers

Was Belguim a central power?


What is a central hydroelectric?

I believe it is a usage of hydroelectric power being the focus of a building or project's power. So it is the central vocalpoint.

Who were the 2 major central power countries?

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire were the two most powerful central powers and accounted for about 75% of central power losses.

Is Serbia a central power?


Who was the central power of Rome?

In the ancient Roman Empire, the central power was the Emperor. During the Republic, power was more dispersed. The Senate had considerable power but that was modified by the Tribunes, elected by the plebeians, and by tradition.