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ang gobernador cillo ay ang kapalit ng totoong gobernador na magpapatupad ng lahat ng tungkulin ng gobernador...

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ang alcalde mayor ay ang namumuno sa mga lalawigan..

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Q: Sino-sino ang Alcalde mayor sa panahon ng kastila?
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How is a mayor known in a spanish town?


What is the name for the mayor in a spanish town?


What is the name of a mayor of a Spanish town?


Who is the replacement for the alcalde mayor?

Provincial governor

What is the meaning of alcalde mayor?

is the judicial mayor in yhe soanish colonial preiod

Mayor in Spanish?

The Spanish word for "mayor" is "alcalde" (ahl-CAHL-deh).

Who is an alcalde?

A mayor, i.e., the elected chief of a village or city.

El alcalde mayor trabaja en?

el ayuntamiento

Como se dice alcalde en ingles?


How do you say 'mayor' in Spanish?

"Mayor" is a Spanish word meaning "older", or as a military rank, "major". If you are speaking of the political chief of a town in English, the Spanish word for that would be "alcalde".

Como se dise MAYOR in spanish?

alcalde means mayor in spanish. Mayor as in the important person, the word mayor in spanish means older.

What is the name for a mayor of chief magistrate of a South American town?