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Q: Should there be a period after et ano?
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Is there a period after et in et al?

No, there is not a period after et, rather, the period is after al. Et al. is Latin for et alli, meaning "and other people."

Should there a period after al in et al?

Definitely! "et al." is an abbreviation of "et alli". "et" is a complete word hence no full-stop is required BUT "al." is an abbreviation of "alli" hence a full stop is required.

Is there a period after M for Monsieur?

there is a period after "m." monsieur Dupont = m. Dupont the plural is mm. messieurs Dupont et Duval = mm. Dupont et Duval There is no period after "mme" (madame) or mlle (mademoiselle) m. et mme Dupont

Should ET aliens should visit and or live with us?

ET aliens should live with us.

Ano ang buwanang daloy?

Your monthly period.

What is the correct spelling of et al?

Et al. is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alii, which means "and others". Since al. is an abbreviation, it is properly spelled with a period/full stop.

Should et al end with a full stop?

Yes it should.

What is the proper way to type 'et al'?

The proper way to type the Latin phrase is et al. The two words are italicized, and a period comes after the second word in the phrase. The phrase is an abbreviated way of saying 'et alia', which means 'and others'.

What does har du laget et bok mean in norwegian?

Have you made a book?. But it's incorrect because it should be "en bok" not "et bok". Et is the wrong gender.

How soon after your last period should you get another period?

You should get your next period , about a month from when you got your last period.

What is et al?

It is short for the Latin et alii ('and others'), which means "and others." For example, the phrase "IBM, Microsoft, HP, et al." means "IBM, Microsoft, HP and others" or "Carruthers et al."- "Carruthers and others".

Why do people look at the food label?

to see what they should et