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Q: Saang lugar sa Visayas unang iwinagayway ang bandilang Pilipino noong panahon ng himagsikan?
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Where is Masbate luzon or visayas?


What is visayas?

The population of Visayas is 17,155,207.

What are the visayas legends?

visayas legends is ewan =)

Costume in central visayas?

visayas costume

What is Visayas's population?

The population of Visayas is 17,155,207.

Cultures and beliefs in eastern visayas?

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What is central visayas?

Central Visayas's population is 6,398,628.

Is Palawan part of Visayas?

palawan is part of visayas

What is folk art in visayas?

the folk arts from Visayas Philippines

How many regions are there in Visayas?

Visayas has three (3) regions.

Where does San Juanico Bridge belong Luzon or Visayas?


What is the area of Visayas?

The area of Visayas is 61,077 square kilometers.