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Q: Saan matatagpuan ang borneo rain forest?
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Where is the Borneo rain forest found?

In Borneo

Where is the rain forest found?

In Borneo

Does Borneo have a tropicalrain foret?

yes actually Borneo is a tropical rain forest

What mammals live in the Borneo rain forest?

Well there are lots of mammals in the Borneo rain forest. One of them is a Toyota Camry. Another one is a garbage can.

What is the land cover for Borneo the equator?

Tropical Rain-Forest

Where in the world do rain forest orangutans live?

Borneo is one place.

What is the land cover for borneo near the Equator?

Tropical Rain-Forest

Are there snakes in borneo?

There are snakes on every continent except Antarctica. Of course snakes are in Borneo, it's tropical rain forest.

Where is borneo rain forest?

sa puso ng taong mahal ko <3

Where is the second largest tropical rain forest?

south America

How many acres of rain forest in Borneo Brazil are cut down each year?

1 hectare bro

How do you use orangutan in a sentence?

An orangutan in Borneo may have a limited life span, because of all the deforestation of the rain forest.