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Q: Saan matatag puan angcaspain sea
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Saan matatagpuan ang Caspian sea?

ang caspian sea ay matatagpuan sa russia

Ano ang mga etnolinggwistiko sa asya?

Please move this Q/A tothe Filipino/Tagalog site, please.

What sea surrounded the rome empire?

The Celtic Sea in the North and the Mediterranean Sea which is divided into different seas -Ligurian Sea -Adriatic Sea -Thyrrhenian Sea -Ionian Sea -Thracian Sea -Sea of Crete -Sea of Marmara -Libyan Sea -Cilician Sea -Black Sea -Alborian Sea

What bodies of water border the Scandinavian peninsula?

The Barents Sea, The Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

What was the sea's name that the Greeks travelled on?

Today we call them the Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Sea, the Ligurian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Sea of Crete, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmora, and the Black Sea.

What sea is to the east of Italy?

The Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea. Physical Features of Europe- Tyrranian

What are the names of famous seas in the world?

major seas are- Arabian sea-west of India Caspian sea-between south west Asia and aouth east Europe medittarean sea-between Africa and Asia japan sea-beside japan china sea- beside china barring sea- between Alaska and siberia black sea, agean sea, dead sea, red sea, aral sea, Caribbean sea, north sea and baltic sea TASMAN SEA

What three seas border Turkey?

The Mediterranean Sea The Black Sea The Aegean Sea The Sea of Marmara

Which sea is the sea of Azov next to?

There is no sea next to sea of Azov. The closest sea to the sea of Azov is the Black Sea if that is what you meant.

How many seas in the world are there?

The Laptev sea The Barents Sea The East Siberian Sea The Beaufort Sea The Chuckchi Sea The White Sea The Norwegian Sea The Greenland Sea The Queen Victoria Sea The Lincoln Sea The Wandel or McKinley Sea The Kara Sea The Ross Sea The Davis Sea The Weddel Sea The Amundsen Sea The Bellighausen Sea The Caribbean Sea The North Sea The Irish Sea The Sea of the Hebrides The Celtic Sea The Baltic Sea The Bothian Sea The Scotia Sea The Labrador Sea The Sargasso Sea The Mediterranean Sea The Balearic Sea The Ligurian Sea The Tyrrhenian Sea The Ionian Sea The Adriatic Sea The Aegean Sea The Sea of Marmara The Thracian Sea The Sea of Crete The Philippine Sea The Sulu Sea The Koro Sea The Java Sea The Halmahera Sea The Mindanao Sea The Savu Sea The Sunda Sea The Arafura Sea The Celebs Sea The Molucca Sea The Bismark Sea The Coral Sea The Solomon Sea The Tasman Sea The Bohol Sea The Visayan Sea The Camotes Sea The Bali Sea The Sibuyan Sea The Flores Sea The Timor Sea The Banda Sea The Ceram Sea The Aral Sea The Caspian Sea The Black Sea The Sea of Azov The Red Sea The Arabian Sea The Laccidive Sea The Andaman Sea The South China Sea The East China Sea The Yellow Sea The Sea of Japan The Sea of Okhotsk The Dead Sea The Sea of Galilee The Yatsushiro Sea The Sagami Sea The Seto Sea The Iyo Sea The Harima Sea The Inland Sea The Amakusa Searld.

What sea has a coastline on Poland what via Estonia Lithuania Finland and Sweden?

The Baltic Sea. It has amazing beaches in Poland.

What is a list of every sea?

The Labrador Sea, The Laptive Sea, The Berring Sea, The Chucki Sea, The Beaufort Sea, The Scotia Sea, The Weddell Sea, The Caribbean Sea, The Tasman Sea, The East Siberian Sea, The Sea Of Okhotsk, The Sea Of Japan, The East China Sea, The Arabian Sea, The Red Sea, The Mediterranean Sea, The Black Sea, The Caspian Sea, The Philippine Sea, The Coral Sea, The Greenland Sea, The Norwegian Sea, The Barents Sea, and The Kara Sea. Oh, and just so you don't have to count, there are 24 Seas! Oh, and also, the first person who answered this named all the oceans, Just so you don't get mixed up!