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Q: Saan ako makakakita ng epiko in tgalog translation?
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Tagalog Where can i find you?

If you're asking the translation of "Where can i find you" in tagalog, it means "Saan kita matatagpuan?" or "Saan kita mahahagilap?" or u can say "Saan kita mahahanap?"

How do you say where is the bathroom in Philippines?

It's normally said, "Saan ang CR?". But the literal translation would be, "Saan ang palikuran?" or "Saan ang paliguan?". Palikuran means bathroom and paliguan means comfort room. Saan means where.

What is bicolano translation of saan ka sa bicol?

sain ka sa bicol

What is the translation of where do you live in ilocano?

BTW, Ilocano is what you call the people who lives in Ilocosso, the translation would be "Saan ka nakatira sa Ilocos?"

What is the Tagalog word for operating room?

Tagalog Translation of OPERATING ROOM: silid kung saan isinasagawa ang operasyon

How do you say where do you want to go in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO: Saan mo gustong pumunta?

Saan kontinente matatagpuan ang France?


When did SAAN Stores end?

SAAN Stores ended in 2008.

When was SAAN Stores created?

SAAN Stores was created in 1947.

Saan matatagpuan ang caraballo?

Saan matatagpuan ang bundok Caraballo?

Who is the author of sa mendiola sa edsa at kung saan saan story?

The author of "Sa Mendiola, Sa EDSA, at Kung Saan Saan" is Eros Atalia, a Filipino novelist, and essayist known for his works that depict the everyday lives of Filipinos.

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere tagalog version?

The Tagalog translation of "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere" is "Isang Libo't Isang Milya Mula sa Kahit Saan."