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In Geography, the zero degree longitude is the Prime Meridian.

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Q: Sa pag-aaral ng Heograpiya anong likhang guhit ang bumabagtas sa Greenwich England at matatagpuan sa zero degree 0 longitude?
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What longitude is Greenwich on?

The longitude that includes Greenwich is by definition 0°.

How is longitude mesaured?

Longitude is measured up & down from the Prime Greenwich Meridian (Greenwich).

Why the zero line of longitude is called the Greenwich meridian?

The 0' line of longitude is called the Greenwich Meridian because it passes through Greenwich, Lonon

What is the longitude if it is 4 PM Greenwich time?

The longitude of the Greenwich Royal Observatory is always 0 degrees.

What is the hour and the date at 120 degrees east longitude?

England's Royal Observatory in Greenwich (the source of Greenwich Mean Time - GMT) is 0 degrees longitude and the reference point. 120 degrees East is the longitude of the east coast of Taiwan. At that longitude, 1/3 of a circumference from Greenwich, the standard time (and date) should be 8 hours ahead of Greenwich. So if it is 4am in Greenwich, it should be noon in Taiwan.

What is the longitude of the greenwich prime meridian?


What is the greenwich meridan?

zero degrees longitude

Is the Greenwich meridian at lonitude of 0?

Yes, it does. In fact, the Prime Meridian - the zero mark for longitude - is defined as the logitude of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.

What longitude is London found?

The Prime Meridien (0 degrees longitude) passes through the London Borough of Greenwich - hence GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Where do you begin measuring lines of longitude?

The Prime Meridian - in Greenwich, England - is where the starting point for measuring longitude is.

Where is the zero point for longitude?

The zero point for longitude runs trough (is in) Greenwich, England.

What is the starting place for measuring longitude?

greenwich in london