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Q: Puwede bang humingi ng tula sa nutrisyon?
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Pwede po bang humingi ng tula tungkol sa pagmamahal sa bayan?

sorii pou .. hindi quo pou alam ehh .. by the way, question mu pou ay dalawa lng ang pwedeng answer .. ouo at hindii .. weh

Tagalog poem for nutrition month?

anung meron sa nutrition month

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poem is the english of tula

Depinisyon ng tula?

ano ang tula

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How ols is tula contostavlos?

tula or tulisa is 21 she is greek and has boyfriend

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The motto of Tula State University is ''.

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There are several places named "Tula" See the attached link.

When is Tula Contostavlos's birthday?

Tula Contostavlos birthdays on 13/07/89

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