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Q: Piyesa na deklamasyon tungkol sa isang fetus na inilaglag?
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What is the possessive form of fetus?

The possessive form of fetus is fetus' or fetus's

What is the name of an unborn cow?

Fetal calf, fetus, fetus calf, or cow fetus.

What causes the female fetus to develo differently from the male fetus?

A female fetus with an a y chromosome is what makes it develop differently from a male fetus.

Do fetus have kidneys?

Yes fetus has kidneys

When a baby is unborn what is it called?


Where does a fetus get food before birth?


What cause the female fetus to develop differently from the male fetus?

The female fetus has a Y chromosome while the fetus only has two x chromosome.

What kingdom do fetus belong to?

The same kingdom the animal the fetus will be when it's born, is the kingdom the fetus itself belongs to. A cat fetus is in the Felidae kingdom, for instance.

What is the role of the uterus in the development of the fetus and the placenta?

The uterus is where the fetus develops and the placenta connects the uterus to the fetus.

When does the fetus respond to light and sound?

when the fetus kicks

What is the embryo called after 8 weeks?

For the first 8 weeks the developing human is called an embryo after that it is called a fetus.

What is fate in a fetus?

The fate of most fetus is to be born and become humans, or other life forms that start out as a fetus.