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Q: Pinagmulan ng salitang sultan kudarat at kahulugan nito?
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What is the population of Sultan Kudarat?

Sultan Kudarat's population is 675,644.

When was Sultan Kudarat created?

Sultan Kudarat was created on 1973-11-22.

What is the area of Sultan Kudarat?

The area of Sultan Kudarat is 5,251.3 square kilometers.

What was Sultan Kudarat's contribution to Philippine history?

Sultan Kudarat is the smart & brave boy that fought the Spaniards dignity.

When was Sultan Kudarat State University created?

Sultan Kudarat State University was created on 1990-12-05.

Who are the heroes in mindanao?

Sultan Kudarat!

What is sultan kudarat revolt?

Sultan Kudarat of Maguindanao was one of the mos famous Muslim leaders was among the bravest and wisest warriors of hist time.

What did sultan kudarat do to be a famous hero?

kumain sya ng butong malaki

Ang kuta na matatagpuan sa Bayan Lanao?

sultan kudarat

What is the meaning of soccksargen?

south cotabato,cotabato,sultan kudarat,general santos city

How many sultans are in Mindanao?

There are two (2) sultans in Mindanao, up to present, The Sultan of Maguindanao, Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V and Sultan Kiram III of Sulu

Is central mindanao and region 12 of the Philippines the same?

yes, it is. It is known for being SoCCSKSarGen, representing South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos City.