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Q: Pambansang tagapag-ugnay ng mga manggagawa sa pilipwhat is a women's organisation what exactly could be its functions?
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Explain the managerial functions of an organization?

There are basic managerial functions in every organisation which must report to a general manager, or a chief executive/chief executive officer. These functions must be performed irrespective of the size of an organisation or the industry. If an organisation is small, some or all of these functions will be collapsed into smaller combinations

How the management functions are interrelated?

using an organisation of your choice how does it apply managerial functions

What are the five types of TPS in business organization and their functions?

what are the five types of TPS in business organisation and their functions

What is administrative functions?

It is that department in an organisation that specialises in the collection of information, distributing it to decision makers,processing and storing of information within an organisation

Briefly describe the main functions of organisation as identified by Henri fayol?

technical describe the main function of an organisation as identified by henri fayol

How are management functions applied?

they are applied in organizing, planning, coordinating and controlling the organisation

What functions do formal and informal groups serve in an organisation?

we need to be able to socialize

What are the major functions of an organisation?

The major functions of an organization are: · Human Resources · Sales and Marketing · Research and Development · Production/Operations · Customer Service · Finance and Accounts · Administration and IT

What are the advantages of information in an organisation?

information helps management to execute its core functions namely planning, organising, leading and controlling.

Functions of data warehouse?

A data warehouse functions as a repository for all the data held by an organisation. The main functions are to reduce cost of data storage, facilitate data mining, and facilitate ability to back up data at an organisational level.

Functions of finance department in an organisation?

* maintain accounting system * Pay salary *taking capital structure decisions *preparing budget

What are the functions off capital letters?

They start sentences, and they also indicate that a noun is a 'proper noun' - the name of a person, place or organisation.