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Q: Paano nakaimpluwensya ang islam sa kulturang pilipino?
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How did the teaching of islam influence the Pilipino society?

because many of the filipino know on how to used the things most especially in using a kalan for cooking

Sino ang nagdala ng relihiyong Islam?

pangkat etniko ng kasuotan at produkto ng mga ilokano

Paano lumaganap ang Islam sa pilipinas?

ang nagtatag ng relihiyong Islam na si Muhammed ay kabilang sa pangkat ng mga mangangalakal sa Mecca.Nagsimulang lumaganap ang Islam sa southeast Asia nang maitatag ang sultanato sa delhi,India

What religion of Indonesia?

Well the majority of population are muslims so Islam.

What is the fastest growning religion in the world?

It depends entirely on how the question is read. If the question is asking what is the largest religion that is still growing, the answer would be Christianity since there are more and more Christians born and converted every day than convert out or die. If the question is asking what religion is growing by the largest numbers of new followers (both births and converts), then the answer would be Islam, since the population growth in Muslim-majority countries has made Islam the religion with the most new adherents daily. If the question is asking what religion has the greatest percentage of growth, then this would be a contest between a number of very small religions which have high percentage increases, but low current population counts, such as Baha'i or Jehovah's Witnesses. Although these cannot match the numerical growth of Christianity or Islam, the thousands of converts and newborns have a much higher relative to the <20 million adherents to the religion.

Who were the leaders who spread Islam after Islam's death?

Islam is a religion not a spiritual leader. Islam is not dead.

What religion gained Influence in Songhai under the askia the great?


Are Muslims and Islam one in the same?

Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers of the Islam religion.

How did the teachings of Islam influence the filipino society?


What has the author Mohammed Arkoun written?

Mohammed Arkoun has written: 'Rethinking Islam' -- subject(s): Islam 'L' Islam hier-demain' -- subject(s): Islam 'Rethinking Islam today' -- subject(s): Islam 'L' Islam' -- subject(s): Islam, Doctrines, Histoire

How do you say hows it going in Islam?

Islam is not a language.

What religion did ghana's kings follow?