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Q: Paano laruin ang juego de prenda sa tagalog?
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What Is Juego de Prenda In Tagalog?

"Juego de Prenda" is not a Tagalog term. It is a Spanish phrase that translates to "game of garment" in English.

What is juego in Tagalog?

The Spanish word for "game," "juego" is literally "laro" in Tagalog. In the Philippines, the word "juego" has taken on a different meaning. It has become a synonym of gambling.

What is juego de prenda?

Is about playing with jewelery. keloke mani. spanish rocks. and talking about rock? who watch rock dinner it rock who doesnt watch it you sock. aniway have a good time.

What actors and actresses appeared in Babae ngayon at kailan man - 1977?

The cast of Babae ngayon at kailan man - 1977 includes: Tommy Abuel as Noel Quintero (segment "Juego de Prenda") Gloria Diaz as Agueda (segment "May Day Eve") Dindo Fernando as Awiyao (segment "Wedding Dance") Chanda Romero as Model (segment "Juego de Prenda") Charito Solis as Lumnay (segment "Wedding Dance") Ronaldo Valdez as Badoy Montiya (segment "May Day Eve") Vivian Velez as Madulimay (segment "Wedding Dance")

When was Juego perverso created?

Juego perverso was created in 1984.

When was Juego peligroso created?

Juego peligroso was created in 1967.

What does juego mean in spanish?

(i) (a/the) game (ii) I play Juego el juego de futbol = I play the game of football

How do you say I play basketball in spanish?

Juego al baloncesto You can also say "Yo juego al baloncesto" or "Juego baloncesto."

When was Final del juego created?

Final del juego was created in 1956.

When was Juego de Ajedrez created?

Juego de Ajedrez was created in 1991.

What does juego mean in English?

"Juego" means "game" in English.

What is the duration of Juego de Niños?

The duration of Juego de Niños is 1.57 hours.