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Q: Paano ang gagawin para mabuntis ang babaeng may baliktad n matres?
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What is the English word of Matres a female organ?


What is the width of the Nile?

well its easy 10.5 matres long

How do you say the mothers in latin nominative plural form?


What is matres in danish?

En madres, Flere madresser, Madressen, Alle madresserne.

How many cms in 20.5 square matres?

20.5 square meters is 205,000 square centimeters.

What has the author F B Malim written?

F. B. Malim has written: 'Almac matres'

What is the accusative form of the Latin word matr?

You must mean the word mater (there is no matr). The accusative singular of this is matrem; the accusative plural matres.

How do you spell matres?

The short form of the French term is maitre d' (meaning maître d'hotel, restaurant floor manager).

How many liters are there in one amd a half matres?

None, because "matres" is not a measure. Furthermore, if you were trying to spell metres, the answer is still none. A metre is a measure of length or distance in 1-dimensional space while a litre is a measure of volume in 3-dimensional space. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, any attempt at conversion from one to the other is fundamentally flawed.

Can you unscramble these letters to make the name of an animal rtsmea?

Here are the letters unscrambled, but I'm not sure any of these words are the name of an animal.armets, master, maters, matres, ramets, stream, tamers

How should you sterilize blood?

The newest technology for blood sterilization is the so called shock-wave technology which eliminate bacteria and other harmful matres from blood. You can use photodynamic therapy to sterilize blood also.

How are tornadoes worse than earthquakes?

earthquakes are more dangerous because if there's a tornado you can go to your basement or go in the bathtub with a matres over you to protect yourself. if there's a earthquake you cant really protect yourself because of the shaking you cant really walk to a safer spot.