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mga natatanging pilipino sa NCR

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Q: Natatanging Filipino na nagmula sa Hilagang Luzon at NCR?
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What is the official language of central luzon?

The official language of Central Luzon is Filipino (Tagalog).

Is that true about the creation story from luzon's why?

No it is a Filipino mythology.

Where to find the a creation story from luzon?

As it is a Filipino mythology , you must go to the Philippines.

What do creation stories about the early Filipinos?

The Filipino story is a mythological story , called Luzon.

Where do the majority of filipino people in the Philippines live?

Luzon, the principal island which includes the capital, Manila.

Why does the filipino flag have three stars?

The three stars on the Filipino flag represent the three main island groups of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These stars symbolize the unity and equality of these island regions in the country.

Filipino history music in luzon?

In Luzon, the traditional music of the Philippines includes genres like kundiman, harana, and balitaw. These songs often feature themes of love, nature, and patriotism, and are typically performed using traditional instruments like the rondalla and bamboo instruments. Filipino history has also been documented through music, reflecting the struggles and triumphs of the Filipino people throughout the centuries.

What do the three stars on the filipino flag stands for?

the three main geographical areas: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao

PinakaMaliit bansa na may pinaka-maunlad na pamumuhay?

Ang pinakamalaking ilog sa bansa ay ang Ilog ng Cagayan na matatagpuan sa Hilagang Luzon.

What is the Filipino society?

A Filipino society is comprised of Philippine natives who primarily reside in the central Luzon area and speak the tagalong language. Most Filipinos are decedents of the ancient Polynesians.

What does the title of the creation from Luzon suggest?

The creation of Luzon story is a complete story of mythology , a Filipino mythology, and as in all mythology stories they are never true at all. And we should not pay much attention to them at all.

What is the different between filipino and Filipino and tgalog?

"Filipino" is a nationality or citizenship, while "Filipino" is an adjective describing something related to the Philippines or its people. "Tagalog" is a language spoken in the Philippines, specifically in the Central Luzon region.