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Q: Nasaan ga ang mga larawan ng mga instrumento sa mindoro palawan at visayas?
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Is Palawan part of Visayas?

palawan is part of visayas

Why is palawan located at the western visayas region?

the Palawan is located at western Visayas region because the Palawan is located between the Luzon and Visayas . . .

Is Palawan part of Visayas or Mindanao?

Palawan is not part of Visayas or Mindanao but of Luzon.

Ano ang tatlong sona sa pilipinas?

tagapagbatas tagapagpaganap at tagapaghukom

What is palawan?

A Palawan is a native of the Palawan island in the Philippines, found in the Visayas island group.

What is a Palawan?

A Palawan is a native of the Palawan island in the Philippines, found in the Visayas island group.

Musical instrument of mindoro and visayas?


What are the instruments used in the Visayas and Palawan?

The Visayas, particularly in Cebu, are known for their world-famous guitars.

Where does Palawan belong Luzon or Visayas Island Group?

Palawan is the fifth largest island of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas Region. Administration-wise, Palawan is under Region IV-B, or the Southern Tagalog region in Luzon. In 2005, when President Arroyo divided the provinces into super regions, Palawan and the rest of the provinces of the Southern Tagalog region and the Bicol region, both in Luzon, were grouped together with the Visayas regions (Western Visayas, Eastern Visayas and Central Visayas) to form Central Philippines.So when we speak of Central Philippines as a super region, which is composed mostly of Visayas regions, Palawan is part of it. But when it comes to regional administration, Palawan is one of the provinces of the Southern Tagalog region, a region in Luzon.

When was palawan belong to visayas?

Palawan is not part of Visayas. It is part of Luzon, region 4-B, southern tagalog region. im a Palaweno and i cant understand any dialect of the Visayas region. we speak Tagalog here.

Where does Palawan belong in the Philippine map Luzon or Visayas?

palawan belongs to Luzon region 4-b

Where is manunggul jar luzon visayas mindanao?

Visayas, bec. it is found in Lipuun Point,Quezon, Palawan