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Q: Nahati ang daigdig sa teoryang continental drift?
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Sino-sinu ang mga taong nagpanukala ng bawat teorya?

sino ang nagpanukala ng teoryang collision

What is the very slow movement of the continents is called?

Continental Drift

Can a cyclone create continental drift?

No; continental drift is a geological process.

When you right continental drift does it have to be capitalized?

No, only Continental Drift Theory.

What does provide evidence for continental drift?

Is there a list? Continental drift is real, so religious fanatics don't provide evidence for continental drift.

What theory replaced Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift?

I think that continetal drift replaced his theory

What resulted in the formation of the super continent?

D) Continental drift, Pangea

What is the volcanic and the drift continental theory?

the Continental Drift Theory is the slow movement of the Earths continents. A.K.A the continents drift

Was Laurasia formed by continental drift?

Yes Both Laurasia and Gondwana were formed by continental drift

How is theory of plate tectonics similar to the continental drift?

continental drift is caused by plate tectonics

Why is the continental drift theory a theory and not a scientific law?

The Continental Drift theory is a theory because there is no evidence to support it. Alfred Wegener developed the Continental Drift theory in the 1800's.

What are the driving forces of continental drift?

The driving Forces of Continental drift are both gravity and the motion of the underground Tectonic Plates.