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Q: Movie summary of abakada ina anyoneplease?
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Direktor ng ABAKADA ina?


Where is the setting of abakada ina?

I believe it is set in the Phillipines.

What are the Katangian ng mga tauhan sa abakada ina?

Masayahin tulad KO......

Nang matutong magbasa ng abakada si rizal?

ang kanyang ina na si teodora alonso ...:D

Summarization of Abakada Ina?

The movie Abakada Ina is about a women who is illiterate and dealing with unsupportive family (particularly her mother-in-law). The woman is unable to deal with even the simplest of tasks because she is unable to read. She cannot give her children medicine without assistance, and this becomes the main theme of the story. The woman realizes that reading is important and that it impacts every aspect of her life. She learns that if she cannot read she cannot even support her children, and in some cases, she is more of a danger to them.

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tang ina mo

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potang ina . . asan yung sagot?? Bwisit

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