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Q: Mga tao at negosyo sa pamayanan na gumagamit ng shadingbasicsketching at outling?
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When doing a tattoo how much pressure must you use to draw a clean and clear outling?

that depends. what area of the body are you tattooing? what size needle are you using? go get an apprenticeship and stop hacking people up in your house.

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Congress has to know just how many spouses are abandoned and the damage done to the remaining spouse. WRITE LETTERS... send supporting documentation! Pictures. I created a wanted poster on my husband and sent it to the court system when he didn't pay child support. I sent a wanted poster to some of the senators with a picture of my husband and his married PI adulterous low life female .... CONGRESS NEEDS TO KNOW AND IF ENOUGH PEOPLE WRITE AND MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD........ SOMETHING WILL BE DONE!!! If you want to start the process for getting a law submitted to congress, you need an attorney to do the "legal lanquage." Call your state's congressional building and inquire .. the main operator should be able to direct you to the person who is best able to respond with, possibly, a website or brochure outling the process for you. Or, call your state's attorney general's office and request the information, that office should be able to help you get started. NOTHING will be done without voices being heard. SPREAD THE WORD.

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Truman inherited it. Communism existed well before WW2, and well before Truman became president. FDR and his vice president (Truman) knew they might have to fight the Communists sooner or later. As it turned out, Truman ended up fighting the Communists 5 years after FDR's death (President Roosevelt died in May 1945). Truman STARTED his policy of containment because George Keenan (our diplomat in Moscow) sent him a message outling the way that the U.S. would be able to contain communism in the Soviet Union. The policy of containment was based off this first outline and it was initiated because we believed that if not stopped communism would take over the world slowly but surely, look at our belief of the Domino Effect in communism.