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a seazone prescribed by the United States Convention on t he Law of the Sea overs which a state has special rights over the exploration and the use of marine resources.

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Doktrinang Pangkapuluan - nagtuturing sa kapuluan bilang isang kabuuan, samakatuwid ang mga katubigan sa palibot, pagitan at nagdurugtong sa mga pulo, ano man ang haba o lapad nito ay kabilang sa teritorrial waters ng estado

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  1. Nangangahulugan ito ng katiyakan sa seguridad at pag-aari ng bansa.Mahalagang mapangalagaan ang pag-aaring ito
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Q: Mga probisyon ng doktrinang pangkapuluan at ng exclusive economic zone?
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What is an EEZ?

Exclusive economic zone

What does EEZ stand for?

Exclusive Economic Zone

What are India's resource agreements on exclusive economic zone?

In SriLanka

What are the examples of international resources or resources that lie beyond the Exclusive Economic Zone?

One best example is manganese nodules present in Indian ocean that lies beyond exclusive economic zone.

Ano ang ibigsabihin ng exclusive economic zone?


What are the benefits of enjoying a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone?

you can fis there somewhere over there

How spratly islands become part of the Philippines?

its simple demarcation line.......................philippine economic exclusive zone

What is the economic system under which colonies make their mother country rich through exclusive trade?


What has the author Bonnie A McGregor written?

Bonnie A. McGregor has written: 'Mapping and research in the Exclusive Economic Zone' -- subject(s): Continental shelf, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Continental shelf, Economic zones (Maritime law), Economic zoning, Research, Territorial waters

What is the distance of the contiguous seas and exclusive economic zone of the Philippines?

The contiguous zone of the Philippines extends up to 24 nautical miles from its baselines, while the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) extends up to 200 nautical miles. This means that the combined distance of the contiguous zone and EEZ for the Philippines is 224 nautical miles.

What is leading cause of sources of petroleum on north America waters?

The leading cause of petroleum in North America is the Exclusive Economic Zone.

What is the leading cause of sources of petroleum in North American waters?

The leading cause of petroleum in North America is the Exclusive Economic Zone.