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walang trabaho ang mga taga dito kase lahat sila ay batugan....mga tamad.....mga ken tulog mga nag papalake ng burat.....


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nglagay pa kayu nyan d nyu rin pla sasagutin!!!!!!BOBO

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hindi ko to alam

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Q: Mga pasyalan at tanawin sa region 12?
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Region 12 in the Philippines is covered by a region called Soccsksargen. There are no known famous writers from region 12 in the Philippines.

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who is the famous author in region 12?

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Some of the festivals in Region 12 of the Philippines include the Munato Festival and the Lemlunay Cultural Festival. Another festival in Region 12 is the Eid El Fitir.

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The products of region 11 and 12 in region 12 are the mais,pinya,saging,troso at rice.In the region 11 are the mais,pinya,niyog,jackfruit,carabao,cow,pig,gold,copper,durian,rice,corn,coconut,pineapple, sugarcane,fishing,raising poultry, hog and cattle.