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kasi gusto niya maging bayani

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Q: Mga katangian ni gabriela silang kung bakit siya naging bayani?
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When was Gabriela Silang born?

Gabriela Silang was born on 1731-03-19.

When did Gabriela Silang die?

Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang was executed by hanging on 20th September 1763.

What actors and actresses appeared in Silang mga bayani - 1973?

The cast of Silang mga bayani - 1973 includes: Perry Baltazar Philip Gamboa Jeanne Young

Who is the mother of the Philippine revolution?

gabriela silang

Sino si Gabriela silang?

siya ang asawa ni diego silang

Mga tanyag na tao sa rehiyon 1?

diego silang at gabriela silang

Who are Gabriela silang's parents?

Is Jose Rizal,,,his sex is cool

What actors and actresses appeared in Diego Silang - 1951?

The cast of Diego Silang - 1951 includes: Nena Cardenas Leila Morena as Gabriela Vicos-Silang

Was the silang revolt successful?

The Silang Revolt against the Spanish occupation in the Philippines ended in defeat. One of its leaders, Gabriela Silang was executed by Spanish authorities.

What could have been the feeling of Gabriela Silang when she was sentenced to die?

Darn it

Who was the first woman member of the katipunan in July 1893?

Gabriela Silang

Who is the joan of arc mula sa ilocos Region?

gabriela silang