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ang pagsagip sa isang Tao

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Hotdog bulbul at itlog

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Q: May kinalaman ba si aguinaldo sa pagkamatay ni antonio Luna?
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Who are the all Philippine national heroes?

melchora aquino jose rizal gregorio del pilar antonio luna andress bonifacio emilio aguinaldo emilio jacinto lapulapu

Emilio Aguinaldo a hero or a Traitor?

Traitor. He pledged allegiance to the Americans & to the Japanese during their occupation. Is that a hero? Did Rizal, Bonifacio, Antonio Luna & Gregorio del Pilar and others do that?

What would happened if Rizal had not been executed in December 1896?

He will join the revolution and will be the first president of the Philippines. However, Aguinaldo will have him assassinated. The same thing he did to Bonifacio and Antonio Luna.

What is Antonio Luna's birthday?

Antonio Luna was born on October 29, 1866.

When did Antonio Rodríguez Luna die?

Antonio Rodríguez Luna died in 1985.

Sino ang mga bayaning Filipino sa panahon ng mga amerikano?

Mga Bayaning Pilipino sa Panahon ng Pananakop ng mga Amerikano si antonio Luna, heneral gregorio del pilar, apolinario mabini, Emilio aguinaldo, marcella agoncillo, Julian felipe, Jose palma, manuel l. quezon, sergio osmena, at marami pang iba

When was Antonio Luna Rodríguez born?

Antonio Luna Rodríguez was born on 1991-03-17.

What are the good traits of antonio Luna?

General Antonio Luna was brave because he led his Filipino troops against the battle between Filipinos and Americans

Noche buena by antonio Luna?

dahil sa kagaguhan at kaputahan ni antonio luna letse

When was Antonio Rodríguez Luna born?

Antonio Rodríguez Ferrer was born on 1864-08-23.

Pen name of antonio Luna?

The pen-name of Antonio Luna was Taga-ilog. He was a member of the Philippine Revolutionary Army from 1898 until 1899 and achieved the rank of Brigadier General.

What is Antonio's mothers name in Bless You Ultima?

Antonio's mother's name in "Bless Me, Ultima" is Maria Luna.